Create An Email Address POP or IMAP

A customer requests a reset to their wordpress password. There are two options here.

  1. Easy - if we have our websupport login
  2. If we do not have a login we need to do a database password reset method

Information Needed To Complete Task

Website address (e.g.

What email addresses they want, e.g. name@ info@ etc.

Step 1 - Login to WHMCS And Search for their hosting account

Find the hosting account in WHMCS ( and click Login to cPanel.


Step 2 - Click on Email Accounts

Click on the email accounts icon.


Step 3 - Create the Account

Follow the steps below to create the account.

For the mailbox quota you should determine a sensible quota.

Each hosting account has an allocated amount of disk space that is shared between the website and the email accounts.

For example if the hard disk allocated is 2Gb and the website uses 500Mb then we have 1500Mb left.

We should keep some disk space back for the website to grow, i.e. uploading images creating new pages. Let's allocate 200mb for this reason. We now have 1200Mb left.

If we have 3 email accounts then it would be sensible to share the remaining allocation of disk space between the 3.

1200 / 3 = 400Mb

This will ensure that the users don't exceed their disk space. As we define the limits if the user gets close to the limit then they will get a warning email.


Step 4 - Create A Ticket Reply

Create a ticket in the ticketing system, and load in a Canned Response.


Step 5 - Fill in the information for the email account And Send To Customer

Copy the information into the canned response. If you have more than one email address being setup add then into the same email and separate them out.